Job Title
Research Scientist
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Program Role
Associate Program Manager, Water Resources


Dr. John D. Bolten serves as the associate program manager of NASA Earth Science Applied Sciences Water Resources Program. His research focuses on the application of satellite-based remote sensing and land surface hydrological modeling for improved ecological and water resource management.

John is involved in several water resources management efforts addressing flood monitoring, flood damage assessment and agriculture drought forecasting and mitigation. He has received multiple awards for his research including the 2019 Arthur S. Flemming Award for Applied Science, the 2019 Department of State award for supporting the drafting and implementation of the US Global Water Strategy, the 2019 Robert H. Goddard Award for Science, as well as multiple NASA Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences annual awards for Outstanding Scientific Achievement and Outreach.

John is very involved in the scientific community and frequently gives keynote lectures, seminars and tutorials on his research, as well as the activities of the Applied Sciences Water Resources Program.

John received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in geology, with an emphasis in hydrology and remote sensing, from the University of South Carolina.