Will I get a certificate for taking ARSET trainings?

  • Certificates of completion are awarded to those who attend an ARSET training in real time (i.e., attending the live sessions and completing any homework assigned). Certificates are not awarded for past trainings.

Can these certificates be used for accreditation?

  • Certificates of completion only indicate the attendee participated in all aspects of the training. They do not imply proficiency on the subject matter, nor should they be seen as a professional certification.

Why haven't I gotten my certificate?

  • Participation certificates are not available before a course has concluded. Please give us 3-4 months to process certificates, depending on how many trainings we have going on at one time. ARSET can send hundreds of certificates per training, and it can take us time to verify the necessary information. For online courses, you will only receive a certificate if you attended all webinar sessions and completed all homework by the due date.

If I miss a session or am unable to be present throughout the entire session due to connectivity issues, can I still get a certificate?

  • Provided that you watch the recording of the missed session, you can miss one and still be eligible for the certificate.

I watched the recordings and completed the homework, but I did not register for the webinar. Can I still get a certificate?

  • Certificates of completion are awarded to those who attend an ARSET training in real time (i.e., attending the live sessions and completing any homework assigned). Certificates are not awarded for past trainings.

During a training session, how do I submit a question to the trainers for the Q&A session?

  • Type your answer into the 'Questions' box and we will add it to the Q&A document to be answered in session. Please note that there is usually a high volume of questions, so yours may not get answered. If you still need assistance, you can reach out to the instructors via email.

Are the Q&A documents from the live sessions shared?

  • Yes. Q&A session transcripts are added to the training webpages usually within a week after the training.

Are training sessions recorded so they can be watched later?

  • Yes. All live training sessions are recorded and can be found on the training webpage for that specific training or on the ARSET YouTube within 48 hours of the session.

Where do we find the homework and how do we submit it?

  • Homeworks can always be found on a training's webpage. They usually appear just before the last session of the training, but the amount of homework and due dates vary by training. Homeworks are in the form of a Google Form and are will be submitted upon completion by using the submit button.

Can we download the presentation slides and use them for external use, for example, teaching in a classroom setting?

  • Yes. Presentation slides can be found on the training pages in PDF format. As long as you do not modify the material in any way, you are welcome to use them for teaching or sharing. We would appreciate it if you acknowledge or credit NASA ARSET in your work. We are also eager to know the different ways training materials are being used, so please let us know by dropping us an email at nasa.arset@gmail.com.

What are some of the NASA satellites and sensors covered in trainings?

  • ARSET trainings cover a number of satellites and their sensors, as well as different models and web-based tools that interpret the data produced by those satellites. Individual training webpages provide details on what satellites and sensors are being used for that particular training.
Image showing NASA's Earth observing satellites and instruments.

Where can I access the code used in ARSET trainings?

  • Code from ARSET trainings can be found on the ARSET GitHub.

How can I propose a topic for future trainings?

  • The best way to propose future training topics is to submit a survey response. Surveys are sent to participants following the conclusion of every webinar series.

How can I best use ARSET materials to develop a science curriculum on Earth observations?

How can I learn about upcoming ARSET trainings?

  • Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Twitter for important announcements.

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