• Disaster Response and Analysis Through Event-Driven Data Delivery (ED3) Technology
Program Disasters Program
PI / Institution Sara Graves / University of Alabama in Huntsville
Start Date October 15, 2012
End Date October 14, 2013
  • Summary

    The period immediately following an environmental disaster typically involves a rush by decision makers and scientists, to determine what data are relevant and to access these data for disaster mitigation and post-event analysis. The University of Alabama in Huntsville has prototyped and demonstrated Event-Driven Data Delivery (ED3) technology that assists researchers and decision makers in pre-defining what information to have available as soon as possible when particular environmental events are forecast, or after such disaster events occur. ED3 allows users to build subscriptions that define event criteria of interest and to select specific NASA Earth observations and other science data products that should be delivered when the event criteria are met. Upon the occurrence of such an event, when the situation may be chaotic and users may not have the time or access to search for resources, the results of their ED3 subscriptions are compiled into a data album without direct user intervention. This proposed technology directly addresses two priority topics: flood prediction and mitigation; and post-disaster assessment where access and availability of actionable disaster-related information can be effectively provided. ED3 provides functionality to give decision makers the quickest possible access to actionable data and information associated with a predicted or actual disaster event. With the integration of ED3 services into Decision Support Systems, decision makers and responders will be able to receive pertinent data as soon as it is available, without spending valuable time tracking down and compiling the information themselves. In the feasibility stage of the project, the team will work with both the Geological Survey of Alabama and NASAs SERVIR program, organizations involved in disaster response in local and international arenas, to adapt the initial ED3 prototype for potential integration with their existing Decision Support Systems and better support of their users.