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Laads Web Exercise

This exercise is used to explore the features of LAADSWEB the primary site for obtaining MODIS aerosol products.


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Giovanni Beginning Exploration

This exercise is used to explore the Giovanni on line web tool for analysis with remote sensing data.


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Giovanni Beginning Exploration Discussion

This presentation is a follow up discussion of the "Beginning Exploration Activity". It is designed to provide ways to think about the proper and improper uses of data and tools.


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IDEA Introduction

This presentation briefly introduces the IDEA (Infusing satellite Data into Environmental Applications) website.


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HDF Look Instructions

HDFLook is a tool that can be used to explore MODIS Level 2 HDF files.


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HDF Overview

A brief overview of some of the functionality of the HDFLook Tool.


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HDF Exercise 1

An exercise to learn how to use the HDFLook tool to explore MODIS Level 2 aerosol product files.


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