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Get Involved on the Ground Level

Our community of investigators, civil servants, advocates and concerned citizens includes partners and collaborators like you. By working together with NASA data, we can find solutions to our planet’s greatest challenges.

Reducing energy use on college campuses with more sustainable practices. Pinpointing the perfect location to plant trees and reduce pollution runoff into city waterways. Equipping communities with actionable information about wildfire vulnerability.

This is what’s possible when we elevate each other with Earth observations. The Applied Sciences Program can help you get the data, tools, trainings, publications and news you need to start using them in your own work — and the support of a likeminded community that will help you see your projects through to the finish line.

Ready to join the mission? Let’s work together to bring the power of Earth observations to communities around the world.

Meet Our Global Network

Our community of partners includes government agencies, civil society organizations, nonprofits, private-sector companies and more. Together, we address real-world issues using NASA Earth-observing data.

Get to Know Our Community

Build Your Skills & Find Opportunities

Calling all researchers and citizen scientists! We can help you find opportunities to support and enrich your work through NASA calls for papers, solicitations and crowdsourcing. We're also developing global knowledge about Earth observations and remote sensing technology through in-person and online training. Check out the latest opportunities to take your work to the next level, or explore our trainings to expand your understanding.

Put NASA Resources to Work

Our Earth-observing satellites are collecting data about our planet around the clock. We provide access to datasets, models and other tools for free so you can create innovative solutions to real-world challenges. We also share our community’s publications, meeting readouts and other resources — so you can use them to work smarter and aim higher.