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Please review our Winter 2019 Community Bulletin. This quarterly update includes highlights from and for the community on awards, upcoming...
AGU18 Poster Bolten et al - Enhancing the USDA Crop Assessment Decision Support System Using NASA SMAP Soil Moisture Observations
AGU18 Poster Lim et al - Socioeconomic Impacts of the Satellite Enhanced Snowmelt Flood Predictions in the Red River of the North Basin
AGU18 Poster Schroeder et al - Satellite detection of dry and wet snow conditions for improving snowmelt flood forecasts in the Red River...
AGU18 Poster Yu et al - A Multibaseline-InSAR-based Water Level Estimation Method for Mekong River
AGU18 Poster Kim et al - Deriving Daily Discharges from Satellite Radar Altimetry and Ensemble Learning Regression
AGU18 Poster Chang et al - Inundation Extents and Depths over Lower Mekong Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Data with Machine Learning...
AGU18 Poster Ricko et al - Investigating Regional Scale Reservoir Water Level Modeling
AGU18 Poster Tortini - Global Surface Water Storage Dynamics Using Satellite Remote Sensing
AGU18 Poster Shukla et al - Early warning of food insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa Exploring predictors beyond
AGU18 Poster Telemanom et al - Detection and Interactive Exploration of Telemetry Anomalies
AGU18 Poster Hazra et al - Evaluating NNME and GEOS-5 S2S for Drought Forecasting in Africa
AGU18 Poster WWAO, Lee et al - Pairing NASA Capabilities and Western US Water Resource Stakeholders with Data Mining and Machine Learning
AGU18 Poster Lee et al - Evaluation of Satellite-Derived Water Quality Variables in SLR
AGU18 Poster Birkett et al - G-REALM, A Lake-Reservoir Monitoring Tool for Water Resources and Regional Security Assessment
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