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CYGNSS 2017 Applications Workshop Report Public Release
Aghakouchak - A Hybrid Statistical -Dynamical Drought Prediction Framework
Huntington - Operational Remote Sensing of Agricultural Water Use in Cooperation with Western State Water Resources Agencies for Improved...
Presentations from the 2018 NASA Applied Sciences Program Water Resources Team Meeting
Peters-Lidard - Seasonal-Scale Drought Forecasting in Africa and the Middle East
Hossain - Towards Operational Water REsources Management in South Asia Exploiting Satellite Geodetic and Remote Sensing Technologies
Hain - Development of a Global Evaporative Stress Index Based on Thermal and Microwave LST Towards Improved Monitoring of Agricultural...
Gebremichael Hopson - Optimizing Reservoir Operations for Hydropower Production in Africa through the Use of Remote Sensing Data and...
Smith - Developing a Dynamic SPARROW Water Quality Decision Support System
Kustas - Monitoring Vineyard Water Use and Vine Water Status with Land Surface Temperature
Molotch - Analysis of Ag Water Supply Demand Imbalance During the Unprecedented California Drought Using NASA Satellite Data
Dozier - Assessing Snow Water Resources in Mountain Ranges with Few Surface Measurements