Principal Investigator

Christopher Uejio

photo of a man and a woman
Christopher Holmes and Holly Nowell, Florida State University
  • PI: Christopher Uejio, Florida State University
  • Co-I: Christopher Holmes, Florida State University
  • Co-I: Holly Nowell, Florida State University

Prescribed fire is a critical tool for mitigating wildfire risk, promoting agriculture, and managing ecosystem services. Even though fires in the Southeast United States burn a significant...

Principal Investigator

Benjamin Poulter

photo of Ben Poulter
Ben Poulter, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • PI: Benjamin Poulter, NASA Goddard
  • Co-I: Andrew Chiodi, Univ. Washington
  • Co-I: Doug Morton, NASA Goddard
  • Co-I: J Morgan Varner, TallTimbers
  • Co-I: Adam Watts, US Forest Service

Prescribed fires provide an opportunity to maintain and restore fire in wildland ecosystems as well as an opportunity to...

Principal Investigator

Sean Nolan

photo collage of scientists on the project


  • PI: Sean Nolan, SAIC Gemini Inc.
  • Co-I: Stephen Ambrose, SAIC Gemini Inc.

SAIC is pleased to partner with NASA on a wildfire applications project that utilizes Artificial Intuition, a Quantitative Complexity Management (QCM)-based computational engine, to pinpoint locations and areas of environmental stress that...

Principal Investigator

Tony Chang

photo of man
Tony Chang, Vibrant Planet, PBC
  • PI: Tony Chang, Vibrant Planet, PBC
  • Co-I: Bogdan State, Vibrant Planet, PBC
  • Co-I: Leo Tsourides, Vibrant Planet, PBC

Climate change is expected to alter wildfire potential at a global scale with increased fire frequency and lengthened seasons. This change in wildfire potential has generated urgency...

Principal Investigator

Miguel Villarreal

  • Principal Investigator: Miguel Villarreal, USGS Western Geographic Science Center (
  • Co-Investigator: Brian Ebel, USGS Water Mission Area-Earth System Processes Division (

Wildfires increase flood and debris flow risk by increasing the fraction of rainfall reaching the soil surface and reducing the...

Principal Investigator

Guy Schumann

photo of man
Guy Schumann. ImageCat
  • PI: Guy Schumann, ImageCat
  • Co-I: Marina Mendoza, Krasniansky/ImageCat
  • Co-I: Ron Eguchi, ImageCat
  • Co-I: Ajay Gupta, HSR
  • Co-I: Unmesh Kurup. Intuition Machines
  • Co-I: Ron Hagensieker

Machine Learning (ML) brings significant advances in the area of disaster impact mapping and predictions. However, the biggest challenge facing ML and...

Principal Investigator

Dave Jones

photo of smiling man
Dave Jones, StormCenter Communications

This Phase I study effort will begin the process of increasing exposure of NASA’s Wildland Fire Management Program and data with the Moraga-Orinda Fire District in California by using GeoCollaborate, a NASA SBIR Phase III innovation that enables access and sharing of disparate trusted data...

Principal Investigator

Joel T. Johnson

Photo of man
Joel T. Johnson, The Ohio State University
photo of man with flower behind ear
Dustin Horton, The Ohio State University
  • Joel T. Johnson, The Ohio State University
  • Dustin Horton, The Ohio State University

The incorporation of soil moisture information into wildfire prediction is becoming increasingly important, as has been shown in recent works relating pre-season soil moisture and seasonal anomalies to wildfire activity.  The use...

Principal Investigator

Shubharoop Ghosh

photo of science team members
  • PI: Shubharoop Ghosh, ImageCat
  • Co-Is : Tirtha Banerjee, PhD, University of California
  • Irvine and Ronald Eguchi, ImageCat

Catastrophic wildfire economic losses in recent years underscore the need to more accurately estimate vulnerability, loss potential, and future risk to support effective risk management decisions. This research...

Principal Investigator

Pete Robichaud


  • PI: Pete Robichaud, U.S. Forest Service
  • Co-I: Mariana Dobre. University of Idaho
  • Co-I: Ian Floyd. U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
  • Co-I: Mary Miller. Michigan Technological University
  • Co-I: Guy Schumann, ImageCat, Inc.

We are collecting specific field and Earth Observation (EO) data after...