Principal Investigator

Miriam Marlier

Team: Paul English (Tracking California); Michael Jerrett (University of California, Los Angeles); Joseph Wilkins (Howard University, Inc.); Michelle Wong (Tracking California); Jenny Nguyen (University of California, LosAngeles); Eimy Bonilla (Howard University)


Objectives: Our study will integrate Earth science information and socioeconomic datasets to inform...

Principal Investigator

Kevin Mueller

Team: Kevin Mueller (Cleveland State University), Brice Grunert (Cleveland State University), Thomas Hilde (Cleveland State University), Kaiguang Zhao (Ohio State University), Daniel Meaney (Cuyahoga County Planning Commission), Amanda Wood (Holden Arboretum)

Summary: In the U.S., trees in cities provide ecosystem services valued at $18 billion dollars...

Principal Investigator

Peter Ibsen

Team: Peter Ibsen (US Geological Survey), Priyanka DeSouza (UC Denver), Jay Diffendorfer (US Geological Survey), Travis Warziniak (US Forest Service), Cody Bingham (University of British Columbia), Logan Steinhardt (University of British Columbia), Carl Green (Denver Regional Transportation District

Summary: The combination of extreme heat and...

Principal Investigator

Yun Hang

Team: Melanie Pearson (Emory University), Christine Ekenga (Emory University), Yang Liu (Emory University), Ethan Li (Emory University), Erin Lebow-Skelley (Emory University), Alina Merceron (Emory University), Howard Chang (Emory University), Garry Harris (Center for Sustainable Communities)

Summary: Low-income and minority communities have been facing a much higher...

Principal Investigator

Patrick Bixler

Team Members: Dev Niyogi (University of Texas at Austin), Carmen Llanes Pulido (Go Austin, Vamos Austin), Marc Coudert (City of Austin), Sergio Castellanos (University of Texas at Austin), Matt Bartos (University of Texas at Austin), Paola Passalacqua (University of Texas at Austin), Jacqueline Moss (University...

Principal Investigator

Genee Smith

Team Members: Jaime Madrigano PhD, Co-investigator (Johns Hopkins University), Darryn Waugh PhD, Co-investigator (Johns Hopkins University), Benjamin Zaitchik PhD, Co-investigator (Johns Hopkins University), Bianca Corpuz, Graduate Research Assistant (Johns Hopkins University)

Executive Summary: Extreme heat is a significant and growing health hazard. Poor and minority...

Principal Investigator

Leah Mayo

Team Members: Narcisa G. Pricope (University of North Carolina Wilmington and Mississippi State University), Leah Mayo (University of North Carolina Wilmington), Joanne Halls (University of North Carolina Wilmington), Crystal Dixon (Wake Forest University), Elijah Dalton (University of North Carolina Wilmington)

Executive Summary: Coastal environments are...

Principal Investigator

Claire Masteller

Team Members: Claire Masteller (Washington University), Jose Constantine (Williams College), Hossein Hosseiny (Washington Univeristy in St. Louis)

Executive Summary: Low-income and minority communities are often vulnerable to frequent flooding due to lack of infrastructure for surface runoff mitigation practices and flood monitoring systems. However, due...

Principal Investigator

Ann Marie Wolf

Team Members: Theresa Foley (Sonora Environmental Research Institute), Palmira Henriquez (Sonora Environmental Research Institute), Flor Sandoval (Sonora Environmental Research Institute), Rachel Spitz (Sonora Environmental Research Institute), Ann Marie Wolf (Sonora Environmental Research Institute)

Executive Summary: Economically disadvantaged communities are disproportionately affected by environmental problems...

Principal Investigator

Dr. Joseph Wilkins

Team Members: Miriam Marlier (University of California, Los Angeles), Claire Schollaert (University of Washington), Diane Garcia-Gonzales (University of California, Los Angeles), Michael Jerret (University of California, Los Angeles), Claire Schollaert (University of California, Los Angeles), Jilhoon Jung (University of North Carolina), Byron Ifediora (North Carolina...