Identifying drought-prone areas and developing an early warning system for crop damage. Protecting biologically diverse areas of the National Park System with a trail monitoring tool. Confirming flooded areas to better inform decision-makers during a disaster.

Each program area supports a variety of projects that utilize Earth observations to identify challenges around the world and create innovative solutions. Our portfolio demonstrates the benefits of using NASA Earth observations to enhance decision-making and improve life on Earth.

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Principal Investigator

Andrew Elmore

There is wide recognition that sustainable forest management of eastern temperate forests requires a thoughtful and deliberate approach that seeks to balance various uses, resources, and values such as wildlife and aesthetic beauty, timber products, water purification, gas extraction, and a variety of recreational opportunities...
Principal Investigator

Walter Jetz

Biodiversity and the many ecosystem functions and services it underpins are undergoing significant changes worldwide scientifically rigorous information is needed to monitor their status and trends. Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) capture key constituent components of biodiversity change. Facilitated by the GEO Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO...
Principal Investigator

John Malone

Implementation of a geospatial surveillance and response system resource for vector borne disease in the Americas (GeoHealth) will be tested using NASA satellite data, geographic information systems and ecological niche modeling to characterize the environmental suitability and potential for spread of selected endemic and epizootic...
Principal Investigator

Noah Molotch

The overarching goal of the project is to characterize anomalies in water supply and demand using a combination of NASA satellite observations and NASA physically based land surface models. The annual water supply-demand imbalance is ingested into existing California Department of Water Resources (CA...

Principal Investigator

Robert Field

Our proposal falls under GEO Work Programme Element 3.8, the Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS), and has two parts, to 1) provide additional fire weather data to the Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS), and 2) work with partners in Indonesia in applying fire weather data...
Principal Investigator

Pedro Jimenez Munoz

A GEO Vision for Energy (GEO-VENER) goal includes “the availability and long-term acquisition of data from satellite and in-situ instruments and models to make possible the effective deployment, operation and maintenance of renewable energy systems and their integration in the grid”. The challenge in renewable...
Principal Investigator

Christine Lee

Water quality is a critical element of freshwater supply, particularly in times and areas of drought, in part due to less dilution of point contaminant sources. Limited water resources can be further strained if water quality is not managed properly.While there are measures in place...

Principal Investigator

Daniel Ames

GEOGLOWS seeks to enable earth scientists to solve the challenges associated with achieving Global Water Sustainability. Providing ample clean water is also an element of
the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and is cross-cutting with other elements including food security, climate, health, energy, and life below...
Principal Investigator

Howard Epstein

Ecosystem functioning is shaped by physiological, ecological, biophysical, and biogeochemical processes.  Historically, inventorying and monitoring biodiversity have been based on structural and compositional features of the observed systems (e.g. the number of species present), but rarely have these efforts focused on functional features (e.g. variation...
Principal Investigator

Venkat Lakshmi

Water resources in developing countries are under a constant state of stress. There are pressures of a growing population and diverse needs – agricultural, industrial, personal uses and power generation. This is coupled with degradation of water quality due to industrial waste and agricultural surface...