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The DEVELOP Program bridges the gap between NASA Earth Science information and potential users through rapid feasibility studies that apply Earth observations to environmental decision-making needs.

DEVELOP'S MISSION: Integrating NASA Earth observations with society to foster future innovation and cultivate the professionals of tomorrow by addressing diverse environmental issues today.

OUR VISION: Shaping the future by integrating Earth observations into global decision making.

CORE VALUES: Collaboration, Discovery, Service, and Passion

Part of the Capacity Building program area, DEVELOP began in 1998. It has since grown into a nationwide program that engages over 250 participants and 100 partner organizations every year. While the name DEVELOP is written in uppercase letters, it’s not an acronym. It’s a proper name that showcases its purpose in developing new scientists. Since its founding, we’ve provided nearly 6,000 participant opportunities globally. DEVELOP is always looking for opportunities to reach new communities and demonstrate the benefits of NASA's Earth Science research. 

We host both in-person and virtual offices. The National Program Office (NPO), DEVELOP's Headquarters, resides at NASA Langley Research Center and oversees activity across our network of offices. A DEVELOP Fellow leads each office. Fellows are early career professionals who manage the projects and participants for their office. They engage with potential partners to develop project ideas, which the DEVELOP NPO and NASA Headquarters review, and approved projects are conducted in an upcoming term.

Where can you find DEVELOP?

Learn more about DEVELOP's in-person and virtual offices:
Alabama - Marshall
California - Ames
California - JPL
Colorado - Fort Collins
Georgia - Athens
Idaho - Pocatello
Maryland - Goddard
Massachusetts - Boston
North Carolina - NCEI
Virginia - Langley
Environmental Justice Office*
Pop Up Projects Office*

These offices are not associated with a fixed location.

Map of DEVELOP offices across the United States



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