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Rachel Seevers

In the past 25 years of DEVELOP, we have seen the deep impact the program can have not only on communities across the globe but also on DEVELOPers themselves as they build their capacity and grow into the leaders, educators, and ambassadors of tomorrow. As part of our anniversary activities, we are highlighting the many pathways alumni take on their career journey after DEVELOP. Here we spotlight alumni who are currently pursuing advanced degrees after their time with DEVELOP.

Taufiq Rashid

"Ask questions and work collaboratively with fellow DEVELOPers and supervisors."
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DEVELOP Time & Location: 2017 Summer & 2018 Summer at Georgia - Athens (Participant)

Project Impact: Studied and predicted mangrove health in India & created maps and models to inform policy and management plans for watershed restoration in Costa Rica. (link)

DEVELOP's Impact: Although Taufiq gained valuable technical skills during the terms, communication and collaboration were the key highlights of his time at DEVELOP. “I learned how to communicate and collaborate with researchers from different backgrounds.”

Where is he now?: Taufiq is currently earning his PhD in Environmental Sciences at Auburn University. After working for two years at the World Resources Institute, he decided to pursue a PhD degree to deepen his knowledge in climate data science.

25th Anniversary Wishes: “NASA DEVELOP has provided valuable opportunities for many students to gain hands-on experience in real-world applications of science and technology. It is my sincere hope that NASA DEVELOP will continue to flourish and have a significant positive impact on our world in the future."

Audrieauna Beatty

"Anything is possible as long as you try."
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DEVELOP Time & Location: 2019 Spring at NASA Marshall (Participant)

Project Impact: Created and compared new methodologies for studying drought conditions in Iowa to allow for better planning and mitigation efforts. (link)

DEVELOP's Impact: DEVELOP taught Audrieauna to have confidence and faith in her hard work. “Don’t limit yourself on what you can do. By the end of the DEVELOP term you will see how much you have accomplished no matter how the results came out. You should always remember that you can do it, and anything is possible as long as you try.”

Where is she now?: Audrieauna became interested in studying air pollutants and is now a graduate student in the Intelligent Remote Sensing and Geospatial Information Science (IRIS) Lab at Ulsan National Institute of Science Technology in South Korea.

Sanketa Kadam

"DEVELOP helps you form a great and inclusive community."

DEVELOP Time & Location: 2021 Fall at Arizona - Tempe (Participant)

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Project Impact: Addressed the increasing risks of coastal threats and climate change to communities on Hawai‘i Island by completing a risk analysis regarding flooding, land cover, vulnerability and exposure factors. (link)

DEVELOP's Impact: DEVELOP helped Sanketa build various technical and non-technical skills, from remote sensing data processing and visualization to time management.

Where is she now?: Sanketa recently began a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University after working at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies as a scientific programmer and research analyst.

25th Anniversary Wishes: “The program has provided an amazing opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive environment. Congratulations to everyone who has been a part of this program and here's to another 25 years of success!”

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Rachel Seevers
Rachel Seevers