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Feet on the Ground, Head in the Skies

Scanning smoke plumes to help decision-makers stop wildfires. Counting crops in farmers' fields to help feed communities. Tracking the trail of diseases to halt outbreaks. Watching water worldwide to predict droughts and floods.

We help partners use NASA's unique view from space to address real-world issues. The Applied Sciences Program works with individuals and institutions worldwide to inform decision-making, enhance quality of life and strengthen our economy. We build meaningful partnerships with government, industry and nonprofits to power innovative projects that use data from NASA’s Earth-observing satellites to make life better right here at home.

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Putting Earth Observations to Work

We’re part of NASA’s Earth Science Division, which uses unique global observations from space, air, sea and on land to help us better understand our planet’s interconnected systems. NASA Earth Science:  

  • Develops, launches and operates NASA’s fleet of Earth-observing satellites and instruments 
  • Develops and tests scientific technologies 
  • Supports research that advances knowledge of Earth  
  • Encourages innovative and practical uses of Earth observations and scientific knowledge 

Through our six program areas, the Applied Sciences Program provides funding and support for the partner organizations and research scientists who are using these observations to solve the world’s toughest challenges. From local communities to national governments and from the United States to every region of the world, our collaborative projects have outsized impact.