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NASA Data and Earth's Vital Resource

Water is one of our most precious natural resources. But in many regions of the world, water supplies are under increasing pressure, and resource decisions are becoming more and more complex.

The Water Resources program area helps discover, develop, and demonstrate new practical uses for NASA’s Earth observations in the water resources management community. We work with a wide range of partners in the United States and around the world to find innovative solutions as shifts in land use, changing climates and growing populations stress water supplies.

Get to Know Water Resources

Our Focus

From improving streamflow forecasts in the Sierra Nevada and Colorado River Basins to assessing the quality of a community’s water resources, we provide our partners with critical water cycle information. Our program funds researchers to conduct innovative work in coordination with stakeholders on the ground. Selected projects aim to develop or put a capability into operation. Derived from NASA Earth observations, this data helps address a range of water resource management challenges in the United States and abroad.