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Applied Sciences is planning to hire program managers for Earth science applications in the coming months – for our Water Resources area and our Climate & Resilience area and possibly for additional areas. Each of these program manager positions encompasses several roles within Applied Sciences and the Earth Science Division to lead and support efforts to accelerate the realization of societal benefits from Earth science.

The job announcement through USAJOBS is now closed.  The job announcement number was HQ-23-DE-11848338-MG. 

Many thanks to everyone who applied!


Applied Sciences is seeking program managers for Earth science applications. We’re seeking program managers for the Water Resources program area and the Climate & Resilience program area and possibly for additional areas.

  • The announcement is open at
  • The announcement number is: HQ-23-DE-11848338-MG
  • The job announcement opened on Friday, March 24, and has been extended until end of day Friday, March 31, 2023.
  • Title: Physical Scientist, AST - Science Technology Utilization and Commercialization
  • Grade: GS-1301-15
  • Note: This article serves only as a notice. The USAJOBS announcement will serve as the official source.

The positions will lead the strategy, implementation, and oversight of efforts to advance uses of Earth science information to inform decision making by public and private sector organizations. The positions will represent NASA in interagency and international committees. The positions will serve as a Program Applications Lead for select Earth satellite missions, enabling applications community input in mission planning and development.

Major Duties Involve:

  • Lead the development and implementation of a strategy for the program area, including user community engagement, investment opportunities, priority-setting, partnerships, solicitations, project portfolio design, and communication of results.
  • Lead the strategic direction, planning, and overall leadership of an Earth science applications program area, advancing uses of Earth science information to improve decision making by public and private sector organizations.
  • Provide overall program management, including managing a budget of $4-12 million, overseeing project selection and tracking, and ensuring schedule and performance.
  • Lead initiatives with private sector organizations, nonprofits, agencies, and philanthropies on partnerships, activities, and applications for broad impacts.
  • Oversee involvement of applications communities in planning and development of select satellite missions, enabling applications perspectives in mission lifecycle and coordinating with program executives, program scientists, and mission teams.
  • Represent the Earth Science Division, NASA, and United States in selected interagency and international committees.
  • Lead efforts to advance inclusion, equity, and diversity in all roles and activities and with scientific and user communities engaged.
  • Engage with all parts of the Earth Science Division to support coordination in decisions and planning, including leading efforts to bring feedback and perspectives from user communities into the Division.

Application Process

This will be a Direct Hire Authority announcement through, so it will only be open for a limited time. The short period that the announcement is open is due to the type of hiring authority, which streamlines the hiring process and assists with rapidly filling competitive positions. It is not a reflection of the openness of the position. This competitive announcement will be open to all U.S. Citizens and Status candidates.

Notice of the vacancy is being provided to allow interested candidates to prepare. In order to apply for this position, you will only need to (i) submit your resume and (ii) answer the screening questions and provide any supplemental information through USAJOBS.

One or more positions may be filled.

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