Answering Earth’s Call

When communities face a limited freshwater supply, beachgoers have difficulty breathing due to toxic red tides, or tour operators want to find the most sustainable way to travel to Antarctica — we’re there.

We work with people on the ground around the world to solve problems as they unfold. We help find solutions to challenges before they become catastrophes, and help communities recover when catastrophe is unavoidable.

Data from NASA’s Earth-observing satellites offer partner organizations and research scientists a powerful tool to deepen their discovery and support their success. We make them available through six specialized teams, called "program areas."

Program Areas

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Empowering Communities

Our skill-building initiatives empower people around the world to solve local challenges using Earth observations and remote sensing technologies.

Capacity Building


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Boosting Disaster Readiness

Resilience. Response. Recovery. When disaster strikes, our team provides decision-makers, communities and governments with life-saving Earth observations.



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Strengthening Ecosystems

To protect our natural land, marine and freshwater resources, we promote the use of Earth observations in conservation, sustainability and resource management.

Ecological Forecasting


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Ensuring Food Security

From individual farmers to global food chains, we help optimize decision-making about food availability and access through Earth-observing data.

Food Security & Agriculture


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Promoting Health & Air Quality

We use Earth-observing data to inform air quality standards and support solutions for public health initiatives — all to strengthen our communities' well-being.

Health & Air Quality


Water Resources

Enhancing Water Management

Water is one of our most invaluable resources. We help monitor the demand, supply and quality of water around the world and the development of tools to promote conservation.

Water Resources

Projects & Initiatives

Our work isn’t limited to six program areas. We support projects across a broad spectrum of topics, from urban development and energy management to transportation and infrastructure.

Group on Earth Observations

GEO is a global coordinating body that aims to enhance the use of Earth observations in environmental decision-making across sectors — and across borders. We support a GEO portfolio that spans nine focus areas.

Risk and Resilience

This initiative focuses on the use of NASA Earth observations to better understand and reduce the risks and impacts to lives and livelihoods. We strive for inclusive, science-informed decision making that can lead to resilient communities.

Prizes and Challenges

NASA is a public-sector leader with extensive experience administering prizes and challenges. Through initiatives like this one in the Applied Sciences program, NASA leverages public ingenuity to find creative ways to solve tough problems benefiting people around the world.