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Inspiring Innovation in Earth Science

Do you hear the call to work with Earth data? Prizes & Challenges gives you an opportunity to answer it. From art contests to data science competitions, we invite you to use your skills to solve real-world problems.

As part of the Capacity Building program area, we engage with people worldwide. Our prizes, contests and challenges aim to:

  • Crowdsource ideas, technologies, scientific insights, and other solutions to our planet's toughest problems
  • Give communities around the world new ways to connect with Earth data
  • Spark a lifelong passion for Earth science in participants

Our Focus


Applied Sciences works with a variety of collaborators to host these opportunities. This includes other federal agencies, international space agencies, and private organizations. By hosting a challenge, we can award cash prizes, recognition, and invitations to see a NASA rocket launch!

Community Outreach

Issuing contests helps us work with people with diverse backgrounds, skillsets, and experiences. From students to retirees, people around the world can participate in our competitions to share their ideas and passion for Earth science. This open approach invites diverse communities to connect with NASA. The result? Bringing out-of-discipline perspectives and tools to the table.

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