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Earth Observations for Everyone

Updating decision-makers in real time as they battle the elements. Supporting citizen scientists working to crack the code on declining bee populations. Even finding the most efficient spot for a solar wall in a local coffee shop.

These are just a few examples of what’s possible thanks to NASA’s Earth observations. The Program’s partnerships span from South Dakota to South Sudan, and the data and tools we and our partners provide are helping tackle some of humanity’s toughest challenges. 

We envision a world where Earth observations are at your fingertips — to enhance decision-making, strengthen the economy and improve quality of life for all humankind.

NASA's Earth-observing satellites and airborne missions collect data from every corner of the planet, and our community is using these inputs to solve problems all around the world. Together with them, we’re working every day to make that world a reality.

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We’re called to this work not just because it’s necessary, but because Earth observations benefit everyone. When we find productive partnerships and share invaluable data, we know that we’ve contributed to creating a livable world — for ourselves and for generations to come.

The payoff can be huge. From helping develop a tool that keeps blue whales safe from ship strikes to providing reservoir managers with data that keeps water flowing to local communities, NASA’s Earth observations often help shed light on a challenge — and illuminate its solution.