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NASA Ames Research Center
Program Role
Indigenous Peoples Initiative Lead


Dr. Amber Jean McCullum is a researcher and capacity building specialist in the Earth Science Division at NASA Ames Research Center. Her work with Applied Sciences focuses on project management, engagement, and relationship building across NASA and Indigenous communities, and creating remote sensing trainings for land and water applications.  

Amber is the team lead for the Indigenous Peoples Initiative, where she works towards creating a more equitable and inclusive space for the use of Earth Observations for Indigenous community action. She is also the Impact and Transition Lead for NASA's Western Water Applications Office (WWAO) and the lead trainer in land management for NASA's Applied Remote Sensing and Training (ARSET) Program. She has led multiple projects centered around the co-development of remote sensing tools for the Navajo Nation, including the Drought Severity Evaluation tool.  

Amber received her bachelor’s degree in Geology and Environmental Geosciences from the College of Charleston, her master’s degree in Geology from San Francisco State University, and her doctorate in Environmental Studies from the University of California Santa Cruz.