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NASA Headquarters
Program Role
Program Manager, Sustainable Development Goals


Dr. Argyro Kavvada serves as program manager of NASA’s Earth Sciences Division’s Sustainable Development Goals initiative to extend uses of Earth science and applications in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. She is the founding executive director for the international Earth Observations for Sustainable Development Goals initiative. Related intergovernmental tasks include delegation to the United Nations, the international Group on Earth Observations, the U.S. Group on Earth Observations, and the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites. In 2022, Argyro led the development of a new book published in the American Geopshysical Union’s Geophysical Monograph Series titled Earth Observation Applications and Global Policy Frameworks. Argyro also serves as the technical project manager for Booz Allen Hamilton's contract in NASA’s Earth Science Division Applied Sciences Program, leading staff development and oversight, contract financials, schedules, and product delivery. 

Argyro holds a PhD and a MS degree in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science from the University of Maryland, a MS degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Georgetown University, and a BS degree in Physics from the Johns Hopkins University. As part of her doctoral research, she used observational analysis and dynamical modeling to investigate ocean-atmosphere interactions in the subpolar and tropical basins, and the hydroclimate impacts of low-frequency North Atlantic variability on adjacent continents. Argyro has taught numerous classes and trained people, developing classes, tutorials, workshops, and materials for them. She is also an expert scientific communicator, with experience ranging from appearing in international conferences and delivering multilateral, multi-stakeholder state-of-the-science workshops to teaching local community groups about Earth science and climate. She is passionate about applying these skills and experience to promote and accelerate the uptake of Earth observations to address development challenges around the world.

Argyro is a vocal advocate for a diverse STEM workforce and serves as mentor in professional networks that promote diversity and inclusiveness within the science community. She is also a Change Management Advanced Practitioner. In 2020, Argyro was awarded the NASA Headquarters Honors Award for Excellence in Innovation.