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Job Title
Associate Program Manager
Booz Allen Hamilton/NASA Headquarters
Program Role
Associate Program Manager


Helena Chapman serves as Associate Program Manager for Health and Air Quality Applications in the Applied Sciences Program of the NASA Earth Science Division. The Program encourages innovative applications of NASA Earth observation data to improve health decision-making in air quality management, prevention and control of infectious diseases, and other environmental health topics.

In her position, Helena helps manage a portfolio of Health and Air Quality projects focused on public health applications. She coordinates panel submissions to scientific conferences, which provide research updates and facilitate researcher and stakeholder engagement. She also supports the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Health Community of Practice and Earth Observations for Health Initiative. Through these efforts, her team aims to bridge connections between the Earth and health science communities.

Prior to this position, she served as the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow in the NASA Applied Sciences Program, focusing on diverse environmental health issues. As the One Health lead, she promoted the One Health concept, emphasizing the value of transdisciplinary health collaborations to investigate and mitigate health risks of humans, animals, and ecosystems.

Helena received her doctoral degree in Public Health (One Health) and master’s degree in Public Health (Epidemiology) from the University of Florida. She holds a medical degree from the Iberoamerican University in the Dominican Republic.