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University of Alabama in Huntsville
Program Role
Engagement, Training, and Assessment Earth System Scientist


Kevin is currently working in the engagement, training, and assessment area (i.e., Transition) of SPoRT. A large part of Kevin's position is to interface with SPoRT partners to provide information and training regarding the unique data or capabilities that SPoRT is providing and linking these to their high priority forecast issues. Part of this role is to obtain feedback from end users for these data and capabilities in order to assess the value in the operational forecast environment and to make decisions regarding either needed improvements or a transition plan. Kevin has extensive experience working with the UCAR/COMET Program and worked in a variety of topic areas developing education and training for operational forecasters. Kevin came to UAH to support NASA/SPoRT in September of 2007 and developed many of the innovative training concepts at SPoRT including the Quick Guides and Microlesson.  He specializes in creating high quality applications training with an emphasis on learning theory and instructional design.