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Robert Sohlberg is a Principal Faculty Specialist in the Department of Geographical Sciences at the University of Maryland and program staff with the NASA Applied Sciences Wildland Fires Program. He is also an associate member of the NASA MODIS Science Team. He received a B.S. in Geography with Physical Science from University of Maryland. Mr. Sohlberg has been active in the land cover community for twenty-five years. He was a member of the NASA-USFS team that developed the first real-time MODIS active fire products for operational use in wildland fire management. He has experience in land cover mapping (AVHRR Pathfinder); sub-pixel land cover characterization (MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields); UAS, sUAS and airborne missions; and post-fire field work. Outside of science, Rob pursues photography and visual arts. He also enjoys restoring native plants to his quarter acre of urban Chesapeake Bay watershed, on the fall line in Baltimore City.