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25 Years of Science Serving Society

Join NASA's Earth Action team in celebrating 25 years of NASA DEVELOP working with communities around the globe to address environmental and policy concerns through the practical and innovative application of NASA Earth science information.

DEVELOP Day highlights the program's summer 2023 projects, participants, and partners! Join us for a poster session, flash talks, and a highlight presentation.

Day at a Glance
  • 10:00am - Opening Remarks
  • 10:15am - Morning Poster Session Begins
  • 11:00am - Flash Talk Morning Session
  • 12:15pm - Highlight Presentation
  • 2:00pm - Afternoon Poster Session Begins
  • 2:45pm - Flash Talk Afternoon Session
  • 3:45pm - Closing Remarks
  • 4:00pm - Adjourn
  • 10:00am - Opening Remarks
    • Dr. Nicky Fox, Associate Administrator, NASA Science Mission Directorate
    • Dave Young, Deputy Center Director, NASA Langley Research Center
    • Juan Pablo Espinoza, Chargé D'Affaires, Embassy of Chile
    • Tim Connors, Physical Resources Program Manager, National Park Service Intermountain Region's Natural Resources Division
  • 10:15am - Morning Poster Session Begins
  • 11:00am - Flash Talk Morning Session
    • Unalakleet Climate - Jaweed Nazary
    • Pacific Northwest Health & Air Quality - Cristina Villalobos-Heredia
    • Huntsville Urban Development - James Karroum
    • Marin County Wildland Fires - Tiffany Mar
    • Chile Wildland Fires - Ben Goffin
  • 12:15pm - Highlight Presentation
    • Opening Remarks - Dr. Trina Dyal (NASA Langley), Dr. Karen St Germain (NASA Earth Science) & Dr. Emily Sylak-Glassman (NASA Earth Action)
    • DEVELOP Overview - Amanda Clayton & Cecil Byles
    • Highlight Project Presentations
      • Aconcagua Basin Agriculture - Javiera Canales Valenzuela (DEVELOP) & Katherine Araya (CIREN Executive Director)
      • Richmond Disasters - Maggie Lincoln (DEVELOP) & Nicole Weller (PlanRVA Resilience Planner)
      • New York Ecological Conservation - Samuel Haas (DEVELOP) & pre-recorded Robert Davies & Tori Roberts (Saratoga PLAN)
      • Potomac River Basin Water Resources - Xavier Garcia Lopez (DEVELOP) & Liz Matthews (NPS Inventory & Monitoring National Capital Region Program Manager)
      • Portland Urban Development - Keegan Kessler (DEVELOP) & Katherine Rose (Depave Communications & Engagement Coordinator)
    • DEVELOP Anniversary - Lauren Childs-Gleason & Celeste Gambino
    • Alumni Spotlights
      • Dr. Sunita Yadav-Pauletti (USDA Foreign Agriculture Service Crop Analyst)
      • Dr. Nicole Ramberg-Pihl (SSAI / NASA Earth Information Center Project Manager)
      • Dr. Steve Padgett-Vasquez (Planet Latin America Customer Success Manager)
      • Sean Cameron (Central Park Conservancy Manager of Data Systems)
    • Awards & Recognition - Stephanie Burke & Karen Allsbrook
    • Closing Remarks - Dr. Nancy D. Searby (NASA Capacity Building) & Dr. Kenton Ross (NASA DEVELOP)
  • 2:00pm - Afternoon Poster Session Begins
  • 2:45pm - Flash Talk Afternoon Session
    • Paria River Ecological Conservation - Max VanArnam
    • Southeast Coast Ecological Conservation - Eleri Griffiths
    • Oregon Coast Range Ecological Conservation - Emily French
    • Kankakee Water Resources - Marisa Smedsrud
    • PACE Water Resources - Matthew Romm
  • 3:45pm - Closing Remarks
    • Col. (USAF, ret.) Pam Melroy, Deputy Administrator, NASA 
    • Andrés Rodriguez, Agricultural Attaché, Embassy of Chile
    • Mike Ruiz, Former Program Manager, DEVELOP
  • 4:00pm - Adjourn

Bhutan Agriculture III

Unalakleet Climate

Bandelier Ecological Conservation

Capitol Reef Ecological Conservation

Southern Wyoming Ecological Conservation II

Pacific Northwest Health & Air Quality

San Joaquin Valley Health & Air Quality

Huntsville Urban Development

Lake Anna Water Resources 

Marin County Wildland Fires

Chile Wildland Fires


Aconcagua Basin Agriculture

Richmond Disasters

New York Ecological Conservation

Paria River Ecological Conservation

Southeast Coast Ecological Conservation

Oregon Coast Range Ecological Conservation

Portland Urban Development

Kankakee Water Resources

PACE Water Resources

South Slough Water Resources

Potomac River Basin Water Resources