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Applications of National Priority: Aviation, Energy Management, Air Quality Turbulence is widely recognized as the leading cause of injuries to flight attendants and passengers on commercial air carriers. However, while a state-of-the-art, automated CONUS Graphical Turbulence Guidance (GTG) system has been developed by the Federal Aviation Administration's Aviation Weather Research Program and deployed at the National Weather Service's Aviation Weather Center, no analogous system currently exists to support the World Area Forecast Center, the agency responsible for supplying aviation weather products along oceanic and international routes. This proposal represents an opportunity to use NASA assets and Earth science research results to develop a Global GTG system to augment and enhance the current World Area Forecast System (WAFS) DSS in accordance with US national interests and treaty obligations. The results will be improved air traffic safety and efficiency with concomitant benefits to passengers and airlines via fuel savings, improved air quality, fewer injury claims, reduced delays, and lower aircraft maintenance costs. The Global GTG system will leverage previous and current NASA- and FAA-funded research and development results in providing fully-automated, rapid-update global turbulence nowcasts and forecasts. It will employ Global Forecast System (GFS) model output and data from NASA satellite and other national and international assets to provide comprehensive assessments of turbulence from clear-air, mountain wave, and convective sources. In addition to supporting the production of more timely and accurate WAFS SIGWX charts and SIGMETs, Global GTG will directly support the Next-Generation Air Transportation System by producing probabilistic 4-D global weather grids as mandated by the Joint Planning and Development Office. Under this proposal, Global GTG's contribution to the WAFS DSS for turbulence will be quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated via a demonstration involving web-based graphical dissemination and flight deck displays of real-time turbulence maps on select international United Airlines flights.