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The USGS Fort Collins Science Center has established both the expertise to create state-of-the-art near-term climate-based habitat models and the infrastructure to connect these urgent modeling results on species of greatest concern to land managers. Meanwhile: - NASA continues to make improvements and enhancements to the satellite-derived products that the USGS is using for predictor layers in its habitat modeling, - Computing speed is available through NASA to allow much more exploration of modeling parameters and climate or land use scenarios, and - NSF- and DOE-sponsored workflow management and scientific visualization software is available to help interpret and manage the results of multiple and complex model exploration and iteration. Here we propose an effort to improve the USGS's ""Resource for Advanced Modeling"", that will serve DOI habitat modeling needs by bringing USGS and NASA resources together in a distributed modeling system that maximizes the complementary strengths of both NASA and the USGS. To demonstrate the utility of this capacity the project will focus on both: invasive species and threatened and endangered species; two critical land management issues. The proposal is a hybrid; combining technical capacity with a natural resource applications focus.