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NASA Headquarters
Program Role
Program Coordinator, Disasters Program


Caitlin Wilson is the Program Coordinator for NASA’s Disasters program. Wilson brings a decade of experience in disasters and environmental sectors. Her career has been dedicated to understanding the nature of hazards and disasters through geospatial data and imagery, and how the growing rate of disasters impact lives, livelihoods, and critical infrastructure.

Most recently she has supported the NASA Disasters Program Geoportal Assessment where she coordinated efforts providing recommendations to the program on enhancing their geospatial capabilities. Prior to NASA, Wilson worked with FEMA’s Disasters Emergency Communications Division as well as their National Exercise Division, where she had the opportunity to support in planning, response, and recovery efforts throughout her career.

Wilson holds a Master’s in Emergency Management and Homeland Security from the Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs, Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Bachelor’s in Geography concentrating in Environmental Conservation, Sustainability, and Development with a Minor in Humanitarian Affairs, from the College of Integrated Science and Engineering, James Madison University. She has a passion for exploring local and state parks, spending time with her family, and working on home improvement projects.