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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Program Role
Associate Program Manager, Water Resources


Perry Oddo serves as an Associate Program Manager of NASA's Applied Sciences Water Resources Program. He is affiliated with Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) where he is a member of the Hydrological Sciences Laboratory.

Perry joined GSFC in 2017 after two terms with the NASA DEVELOP Program. His research has focused on near real-time flood applications, including investigations into rapid impact assessments, flash flood forecasting, and the value of applied Earth observations. He has supported the Water Resources Program since 2021 through his work in developing a strategy for conducting international water research. He has also undertaken several interagency water initiatives, including drafting NASA’s Agency Plan for the 2022 update of the U.S. Government’s Global Water Strategy.

Perry holds a M.S. in Geosciences from Pennsylvania State University and a B.A. in Environmental Science from Franklin & Marshall College. His graduate work focused on decision making under uncertainty, exploring the impacts of geophysical and socioeconomic model uncertainties on coastal flood protection. Prior to joining NASA, Perry has worked in various professional roles, including as a research analyst on the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment. He is currently a Research Scientist with Science Systems and Applications, Inc.