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Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork for the international NASA Earth Science in Action Comic Strip Contest! The NASA Applied Sciences Prizes & Challenges team and the non-profit organization, SciArt Exchange, were impressed with all the artwork submitted. 

30 comics were selected to advance to the next stage of the contest. Our finals judges evaluated those and now it's your turn! The winners of the People's Choice Award will be the artists that garner the most votes from October 3-10, 2022 in each of the five categories below. 

Scroll through the artwork in each category and cast your vote for the comic you think best illustrates one of the three stories below and the impact of NASA Earth data. You can vote once in each category. 

  1. Palau Fish Stocks in Danger – Satellite Data to the Rescue!
  1. Citizens of Thailand Avoid Harmful Air with Quality Satellite Data!
  1. Satellite Data and Savvy Scientists Save Civilians from Worsening Wildfire Hazards