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Global Reach, Local Solutions

Our community of investigators, scientists, applications specialists, and other partners are changing lives on the ground in every region of the world.

They’re helping people prepare for disasters, improve community health and air quality, monitor changing ecosystems, manage water resources, ensure food security and more. And it’s all thanks to NASA’s Earth observations.

UNITEd STATES and North America

From California to Connecticut and everywhere in between, we support projects that impact daily life and inform decisions about our food, water, health, and safety. We work closely with local, state and federal partners to identify challenges across North American communities and find innovative ways to put Earth observations to use.

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When Eastern Africa experienced drought in 2011, the country plunged into the worst food security crisis in two decades. More than 11.5 million people needed food aid, and poor harvest and lack of pasture compounded existing food security problems. To gain a better understanding of Africa's agriculture challenges, Earth-observing satellite images monitored plant growth and were used to predict famine conditions.

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Asia's high mountains are a crucial freshwater source to one-seventh of the world's population, but rapid changes in the region's climate are affecting glacier flows and melting snow, crucial sources for the regions fresh water supply. NASA satellites allow scientists to observe the rapidly changing region and give local policymakers tools to prepare for the future.

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When Europe was hit with persistent heatwaves in 2019, temperatures skyrocketed, the rains didn't come and typically green landscapes turned brown. NASA Earth-observing satellites captured these record high temperatures and drought conditions in the United Kingdom and northwestern Europe, providing a unique look at the landscape.

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Throughout the Pacific Islands that make up Oceania, temperate zones and coastal ecosystems have been extensively altered, and many wetlands have been degraded. NASA's Earth-observing satellites collect data that demonstrate the full impact of these environmental challenges, providing local decision-makers with tools to better inform their policies and understand the gravity of the issues they face.

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South America

Smoke from the fires raging in the Amazon basin created a shroud that was clearly visible from space across much of the center of South America in 2019. As the fires continue to burn, NASA Earth-observing satellites capture both the blazes, the plumes of smoke released, and vast burned areas afterward. These images better inform a global audience of environmental challenges in South America.

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