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woman on shore reaching hand into water
Africa Flores showing off Lake Atitlán in Guatemala during a filming with the podcast crew from Science Friday in 2020. More details can be found in the Applied Sciences story Africa Flores: A "Breakthrough Scientist." Credits: courtesy of Science Friday.


satellite image of lakes next to river
Image of the Menindee Lakes in New South Wales, Australia in February 2019 using Landsat data from the U.S. Geological Survey. More details can be found in the Earth Observatory story Australia’s Disappearing Lakes Disappear Even More. Credits: NASA Earth Observatory/Lauren Dauphin.


Photo of scientist showing instrument to government staff
Catherine Nakalembe (center) going over field data collection with a local district officer (behind rain gauge); Office of the Prime Minister staff Swalehe Katoto and Emmanuel Okecho (left); and Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger James Munana (right) in the Bududa District of Mt. Elgon. More details can be found in the Applied Sciences story Mapping the Future of Food Security: Catherine Nakalembe. Credits: NASA Harvest/Raphaël Luhahe.