NASA Earth Data And You

Accessing NASA Earth-observing data, services and tools has never been easier. We connect scientists with our data by simplifying and streamlining search, discovery and visualization.  

These data are free and open to the public, and we welcome researchers and citizen scientists to explore EarthData and utilize Earth observations.

EarthData Pathfinders

New to using NASA Earth observations? EarthData’s Pathfinders are designed to help guide you through the process of selecting data products and learning how to use them. Pathfinders provide direct access to the most commonly-used data sets and data products across NASA’s Earth science data collections. They also provide different ways of visualizing the data, options for creating subsets of the data and options for saving the data in different file formats.

HeaLth & Air Quality

Access data most commonly used by natural resource managers, city and regional planners, air quality managers and various federal agencies to monitor air pollutants locally, regionally and globally and further determine the risk for health conditions or diseases exacerbated by poor air quality.

Health & Air Quality Pathfinder

Explore our practitioner resources for more Heath & Air Quality tools and opportunities. 

Capacity Building

Learn about opportunities to develop your understanding and usage of Earth observations with our practitioner resources


Explore our practitioner resources for Disasters tools and opportunities related to earthquakes, hurricanes and cyclones, fires, floods, oil spills, severe weather, industrial accidents, landslides, winter weather and volcanoes. 


Access data that can be used to forecast wildfires, perform pre- and post-fire mapping, assess near-real risk in a given area and develop a more efficient response strategy.

Wildfires Pathfinder

Water Resources

Access data to aid decision-making about water allocation, agricultural and irrigation management, flood and drought management, reservoir and dam management and food security, and changes in water quality to ecosystems, humans and the environment.

Water Resources PathfinderWater quality Pathfinder

Explore our practitioner resources for more Water Resources tools and opportunities. 

Food Security and Agriculture

Access data to support decision-making about agricultural and irrigation management and food security.

Agricultural Pathfinder

Explore our practitioner resources for more Food Security & Agriculture tools and opportunities.  

Ecological Forecasting

Access new insights into Earth’s many biological systems, from populations of species, interactions between ecological communities, to identifying invasive and rare species.

Biodiversity & Ecological Forecasting Pathfinder

Explore our practitioner resources for more Ecological Forecasting tools and opportunities.