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Looking for stars in the night sky, holding the hand of a woman affected by West Nile disease, keeping track of the price of bread – these were some of the stories told in the NASA Earth Applied Sciences Program's "Story Slam" on April 27, 2020.

Story Slam graphic

Held as a virtual web conference, each of the seven storytellers had just five minutes to tell their tale and worked with communications experts ahead of time on how to identify, construct and tell their story. "Story Slam" is an ongoing effort to put storytelling front and center in bringing home the message of Applied Sciences' six program areas, and the work of its hundreds of participating scientists around the world.

Screenshot of the Story Slam event showing four people on camera telling and reacting to stories

Topics included West Nile virus, volcanoes, camping, and surprising ways that gravity-tracking satellites can help farmers. Each storyteller received feedback on the spot from an assigned evaluator, to support the program’s efforts to communicate about how NASA’s research and resources can help protect people and the environment. These efforts aim to help the team develop relatable, repeatable stories to share their science across a variety of platform

If you’re interested in learning more about the work Applied Sciences has to share, you can read about our projects and impacts here.

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