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From February 15-21, 2021, the public radio show Science Friday is hosting a celebration called Breakthrough Festival: A Celebration Of Women In STEM to recognize and amplify the voices of women scientists – including NASA scientist Africa Flores.

topographic map of Lake Atitlán
Topographic depiction of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, produced in 2021. Credits: NASA

Science Friday’s Breakthrough film series featured Flores in the episode The Lake Sentinel. The October 2020 episode highlights her groundbreaking work, through the joint NASA-United States Agency for International Development (USAID) SERVIR program, to improve water quality monitoring in Guatemala's Lake Atitlán.

More details about Flores's work with SERVIR, the Breakthrough series, and the episode itself can be found in the Applied Sciences story Africa Flores: A "Breakthrough Scientist".

woman on shore reaching hand into water
Africa Flores showing off Lake Atitlán in Guatemala to a crew from Science Friday in 2020. Credits: courtesy of Science Friday



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