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Fall 2020 DEVELOPers of the Term

Fall 2020 DEVELOPers of the Term

Congratulations to Jake Dialesandro and Ella Griffith for being selected as the fall 2020 DEVELOPers of the term!

Jake Dialesandro was an incredible asset to the Tempe Urban Development II team and the Arizona node. Bringing his strong motivation and positive energy, Jake, a multi-term DEVELOPer, also brought an enthusiastic and motivational mindset to the team, tackling each day’s challenges without waiver. Throughout the term, he went above and beyond to better understand partner needs, addressing unique and complex project challenges. Jake fully epitomizes DEVELOP’s core values of collaboration, discovery, service, and passion.

Ella Griffith was the project lead for the Southern Idaho Health & Air Quality team and embodied all of the characteristics that make up an exemplary DEVELOPer. Since day one of the term, she was instrumental in cultivating a positive, supportive, and collaborative team dynamic. Ella was service-oriented and a big picture thinker who constantly aimed to make choices for the greater good of the project, partners, and team. She was an intuitive and communicative leader, who always made sure that her teammates were heard and motivated. As her teammate noted, “Ella has been the glue that holds the fabric of our project together.”

Congratulations again to Jake and Ella for a great term!

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