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Project description: This primary goal of this project is to develop the workflow for operational space-based streamflow (discharge) measurement. The Alaska DOT and National Weather Service Alaska-Pacific River Forecast Center are long-term partners of the USGS and are representative of the hundreds of government agencies in the US whose operations depend on streamflow data. This project plans to operationalize space-based methods for USGS river monitoring in Alaska and operationalize use of remotely sensed streamflow data by other public agencies in Alaska. We plan to develop an ensemble approach for computing river discharge leveraging multiple satellites and discharge algorithms, and develop operational workflows for remote sensing data that can be adopted outside of Alaska, nationally and globally.

End Users/Partners: NWS Alaska-Pacific River Forecast Center, Alaska DOT, USFWS Alaska National Wildlife Refuge System, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Data sources, models, technology: NASA JASON altimetry, Landsat, land-surface interpretation modeling (DSWE), open-channel hydraulics modeling techniques. Project plans to incorporate additional data sources including Sentinel-2, ICESat-2, SWOT.