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InsuranceVision is a remarkable candidate for funding under this program because it is a financial DSS helping agricultural producers address severe losses to their crops yet it must incorporate land, climate and weather information because the success of an agricultural enterprise is heavily dependent on the environment. During InsuranceVision¿s development process, project team member AgrilLogic and the USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) identified several improvements that will be implemented in this project to dramatically improve the usefulness of InsuranceVision. The improvements are in the land, weather and climate products utilized by the yield models, and the number and frequency of products available to producers. First, we are adding several new parameters including several satellite-based indices and obtaining higher resolution values of the current parameters. Second, we will offer more frequent updates to the forecasts and daily access to the agricultural specific observations to transform InsuranceVision from a once a season to an everyday useful DSS. The primary source of NASA data for the enhancements is the NASA Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (TOPS). Our technical approach for this project is to: 1) Replace and enhance the existing component of the environmental input parameters and climate model segment of InsuranceVision with data from TOPS and other Earth science data sets; 2) Update the yield models using the improved inputs; and 3) Create a display tool that allows the producer to view daily measures of land condition, weather information, and updated yield forecasts. We will also create a hedging tool as an adjunct to the display tool so that based on their analysis of the near-real time data the producer can evaluate risk management options in addition to crop insurance such as using the commodity markets. The enhancements will allow producers to more efficiently and effectively plan their risk management strategies, providing more stability in their economic livelihood. As a result, we will be able to include a number of quantitative financial measurements as indicators of the success of this project. InsuranceVision is supported by the RMA and a number of producer groups including the National Corn Growers Association, National Sorghum Growers, and Western Growers Association.