NASA Headquarters
Program Role
Manager, Global Partnerships, Risk Reduction & Resilience Advisor


Dr. Shanna N. McClain serves a dual role as Manager of the Earth Sciences Division Global Partnerships with Mercy Corps, Conservation International, Microsoft, and Google, while also advising the Applied Sciences Program on risk reduction & resilience. Dr. McClain endeavors to define NASA’s role in resilience through the development of partnerships and projects in fragile and crisis-affected communities, and by exploring innovative methods and integrated approaches for bringing Earth observations and humanitarian actors together for building more risk-informed human and environmental systems.

Dr. McClain holds a PhD in Environmental Resources & Policy from Southern Illinois University. Her doctoral research examined the challenges of integrating three science and policy priorities – climate change adaptation, response to disasters, and resilience – into multilevel governance frameworks of international river basins. She previously worked with the Joint UN OCHA / UN Environment Unit, which focused on the integration of environmental risk in humanitarian settings. Her research and experience now bolster her work with NASA, where her efforts are focused on advancing science-informed decision making in situations of sudden-onset and protracted humanitarian crisis.