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Organized by the NASA Earth Applied Sciences Program, Earth Science Applications Week highlights experts and end users from within and outside the agency, speaking about everything from space-borne to boots on the ground solutions to our planet's most pressing concerns. 

View the slides from the 2022 proceedings by clicking on the PDF links below. Videos Are available on NASA's YouTube page.

Tuesday, August 9th 1-4pm EDT 

  • 1:00pm: Introduction to NASA Earth Applied Sciences Program [Download PDF of Slides]
    • Emcee: Ryan Hammock
    • 1:00pm: Welcome & Opening Remarks - Lawrence Friedl & Dr. Julie Robinson
    • 1:20pm: Introduction to Applied Sciences - Dr. Emily Sylak-Glassman & Cara Crosby
    • 1:55pm: Break
  • 2:00pm: Health & Air Quality Applications Overview & Highlights [Download PDF of Slides] 
    • Emcee: Dr. Nicole Ramberg-Pihl
    • 2:00pm: Introduction to the Health & Air Quality Program - John Haynes
    • 2:10pm: Project Highlight: Global Distribution of Shigella Infection Risk - Dr. Ben Zaitchik
    • 2:20pm: Health & Air Quality Science Team (HAQAST) Overview - Dr. Jenny Bratburd
    • 2:30pm: ARSET Health & Air Quality Trainings - Dr. Pawan Gupta
    • 2:40pm: Mission Highlight: Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) - Dr. Aaron Naeger
    • 2:55pm: Break
  • 3:00pm: Equity & Environmental Justice Initiative and Urban Development Activities & Highlights [Download PDF of Slides] 
    • Emcee: Sydney Neugebauer
    • 3:00pm: Introduction to NASA's Community Action Program and Equity & Environmental Justice Activities - Dr. Nancy Searby
    • 3:05pm: Earth Science Applications for Sustainable Development Goals - Dr. Argie Kavvada
    • 3:15pm: DEVELOP Environmental Justice Project Summary - Lauren Childs-Gleason
    • 3:20pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Milwaukee Urban Development - Jack Acomb
    • 3:25pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Kansas City Disasters - Wynnie Gross & Jalisa Gilmore (Groundwork USA)
    • 3:30pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Albuquerque Urban Development - Ritisha Ghosh 
    • 3:35pm: HAQAST Environmental Justice Tiger Team - Dr. Gaige Kerr
    • 3:45pm: ARSET Urban Heat Island Trainings - Sean McCartney
    • 3:55pm: Closing Remarks - Lawrence Friedl
    • 4:00pm: Day 1 Adjourns

Wednesday, August 10th 1-4pm EDT

  • 1:00pm: Landsat's 50th Anniversary; Ecological Forecasting Applications Overview & Highlights; Partnership Highlight: NASA DEVELOP and the National Park Service; Wildland Fire Program Introduction [Download PDF of Slides
    • Emcee: Sarah Payne
    • 1:00pm: Day 2 Opening Remarks - Lawrence Friedl
    • 1:05pm: Celebrating 50 Years of Landsat - Tim Stryker (USGS)
    • 1:20pm: Introduction to the Ecological Forecasting Program - Dr. Keith Gaddis
    • 1:35pm: SERVIR Amazonia Mangrove Service - Kelsey Herndon
    • 1:40pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Lower Illinois Ecological Forecasting - Hannah Rigdon
    • 1:45pm: NASA DEVELOP & National Park Service Partnership Highlight - Sarah Payne & Randy Stanley (NPS)
    • 1:50pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Yellowstone Ecological Forecasting - Vanessa Bailey
    • 1:55pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Grand Valley Ecological Forecasting II - Sambadi Majumder
    • 2:00pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Delaware Basin Ecological Forecasting - Gillian McNamara
    • 2:05pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Western Sonoran Water Resources - Seamus Geraty & Susan Washko (University of Arizona)
    • 2:10pm: Introduction to the Wildland Fire Program - Dr. David Green
    • 2:15pm: FireSense Intern Project Highlights - Katrina Sharonin, Maya Saidel, Jenessa Stemke, Madeleine Duhnoski, Paige Wirth
  • 2:30pm: Break
  • 2:40pm: Climate Applications Introduction & Water Resources Applications Overview & Highlights [Download PDF of Slides
    • Emcee: Sarah Hettema
    • 2:40pm: Introduction to the Climate Program - Dr. Allison Leidner
    • 2:50pm: SERVIR-Carbon Pilot (S-CAP) Overview - Dr. Emil Cherrington & Christine Evans
    • 3:00pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Hawaii Climate - Ian Lee & Connor Racette
    • 3:05pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Wichita Climate - Melissa Ashbaugh
    • 3:10pm: Introduction to the Water Resources Program and WWAO - Sarah Brennan
    • 3:20pm: NASA's International Water Strategy - Dr. John Bolten, Perry Oddo & Aarti Arora
    • 3:30pm: Project Highlight: California's Groundwater Future: Relating Subsidence & Consumption in the Central Valley - Dr. Kyra Adams
    • 3:40pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Yampa Water Resources - Erin Weitzel
    • 3:45pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Puget Sound Water Resources - Sofia Fall
    • 3:50pm: Mission Highlight: Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystem (PACE) - Natasha Sadoff 
    • 3:55pm: Closing Remarks - Lawrence Friedl
    • 4:00pm: Day 2 Adjourns

Thursday, August 11th 1-4p EDT

  • 1:00pm: Agriculture Applications Overview & Highlights; Partnership Highlight: NASA Capacity Building Program and Bhutan [Download PDF of Slides
    • Emcee: Tyler Pantle
    • 1:00pm: Day 3 Opening Remarks - Lawrence Friedl & Sandra Connelly
    • 1:05pm: Introduction to the Agriculture Program - Sarah Brennan
    • 1:15pm: NASA Harvest Overview - Mary Mitkish
    • 1:25pm: Project Highlight: OpenMapFlow: Rapid Map Creation with Machine Learning and Earth Observation - Ivan Zvonkov
    • 1:30pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Maipo River Valley Agriculture Project - Rishudh Thakur
    • 1:35pm: SERVIR Bhutan Services - Filo Gomez
    • 1:45pm: Feasibility Study Snapshot: Bhutan Agriculture II - Wangdrak Dorji, Tenzin Wangmo, Sonam Seldon-Tshering, Karma Dorjee
    • 1:55pm: Break
  • 2:00pm: Disasters Applications Overview & Highlights [Download PDF of Slides]
    • Emcee: Caroline Williams
    • 2:00pm: Introduction to the Disasters Program - Dr. Shanna McClain
    • 2:10pm: Landslides: Susceptibility & Exposure - Robert Emberson
    • 2:15pm: Project Highlight: Visualizing Multi-Hazard Risk in Central America - Shayna Solis & Ricardo Quiroga
    • 2:25pm: Active Fires: Fire Directionality & Impact - Kyle Hilburn
    • 2:30pm: Earthquakes: Exposure & Vulnerability - Charlie Huyck & Diana Chao
    • 2:40pm: Tornadoes: Damage & Impact - Eric Fielding
    • 2:45pm: ARSET Humanitarian Training - Sean McCartney
    • 2:50pm: Open Science: Disasters Portal - Garrett Layne
    • 2:55pm: Break
  • 3:00pm: Get Involved - Prizes & Challenges, Applications Guidebook, and Open Science; Closing Remarks [Download PDF of Slides]
    • Emcee: Katie Lange
    • 3:00pm: Open Innovation: Prizes & Challenges - Emily Gelbart & Diana Garcia Silva
    • 3:10pm: NASA's Early Adopters - Dr. Erin Urquhart
    • 3:20pm: NASA's Applications Guidebook - Erin Martin 
    • 3:30pm: NASA's Transform to Open Science - Cyndi Hall
    • 3:40pm: Closing Remarks - Dr. Kate Calvin, Dr. Karen St. Germain & Lawrence Friedl
    • 4:00pm: Virtual Applications Week Adjourns


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