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Kris Bedka, a severe weather expert, based at NASA's Langley Research Center, recently talked with Michelle O'Neill, from NPR affiliate, WVIK, about the unusually strong derecho that passed through the Quad Cities region of Illinois and Indiana in August 2020. Bedka related how high-tech images from satellites and radar help farmers, insurance companies, and scientists learn about the severity and scope of damage from the fast-moving storms. Bedka also shared how NASA's analysis of the extreme windstorm will help scientists learn about severe weather and its potential impacts worldwide.

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A team of NASA researchers used this satellite & radar imagery to help officials in Iowa better understand the effects of a derecho that ripped through Illinois in August 2020. Credits: NASA, University of Oklahoma, NOAA Storm Prediction Center, National Weather Service & The Iowa Environmental Mesonet / NASA, University of Oklahoma, NOAA Storm Prediction Center, NWS & Iowa Environmental Mesonet




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