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NASA DAY at the 2022 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and you’re invited!

The Smithsonian Folk Life Festival returns to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. from June 22nd-June 27thand June 30th-July 4th.  NASA is participating in the 2022 Festival to support the theme of Earth optimism – finding hope in the face of odds that might seem overwhelming.  Saturday July 2nd is NASA Day at the Festival, with agency members bringing climate, sustainable agriculture, and Earth science to attendees through storytelling, videos, food demonstrations, and hands-on citizen science opportunities.  These activities will showcase how NASA’s Earth science helps us better understand our home planet and our communities, and invite audiences to participate in scientific discoveries and technological advancements for Earth.

NASA invites participants to be part of our scientific explorations to better understand and protect Earth.  Attendees can stop by the People Powered Science tent to become a citizen scientist through The GLOBE Program and learn about NASA missions including LandsatICESat-2, and GPM. Participants can also hear stories from NASA researchers and managers about how NASA supports Earth science applications including natural resources management.  And when they get hungry, participants can come over to Festival Foodways to see live cooking demonstrations and learn about how NASA supports sustainable fish farming and water management right here in the Chesapeake Bay! 

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival is free to attend, no registration is needed! You can view the full schedule for the festival and plan out which events you would like to attend by following the link here: Festival Schedule | Smithsonian Folklife Festival ( Virtual sessions are provided for those who may not be able to attend in person. If you can participate, show your festival spirit by snapping and sharing photos or videos using the #2022Folklife, #EarthOptimism, and #myfestivalmoment hashtags.

A schedule of NASA activities is provided below:




Motion in the Ocean @ People Powered Science


GPM: Connect the Drops! @ People Powered Science


Lasers, Light, and the Earth's Surface Landsat and ICESat-2 Activity+ Earth, a Tactile View of the Blue Marble @ People Powered Science


Landsat Change Over Time Cubes & Landsat Chesapeake Bay Mat @ People Powered Science


Heliophysics @ People Powered Science


Landsat Sticker Mosaic @ People Powered Science

11 a.m.

“NASA Day” GLOBE Land Cover and Heliophysics @ People Powered Science

12 p.m.

NASA DEVELOP Program: Sustaining Earth by Observing Earth @ Earth Optimism Stories Stage

1 p.m.  

“NASA Day” GPM Precipitation @ People Powered Science

1 p.m.

Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. @ Earth Optimism Stories Stage

2 p.m.

Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. @ Festival Foodways featuring Earth Science Applied Sciences Program Director, Lawrence Friedl

3 p.m.

Oysters and NASA @ Festival Foodways featuring Earth Science Applied Sciences Program Director, Lawrence Friedl

3 p.m.

What Is Sustainable Food Production? @ Earth Optimism STUDIOS Stage featuring Earth Science Division Director, Karen St. Germain

4 p.m.  

“NASA Day” Landsat Collage @ People Powered Science

5 p.m.

Pocket Cinema: People & Nature

For additional information, please reach out to Shobhana Gupta,

Credits: Trista Brophy, Emily Gelbart, Shobhana Gupta, Deanna Johnson, NASA CS Official: Nancy Searby

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