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In the satellite era, Earth observing data has increasingly become part of the food and farming processes. With observations from space and aircraft, combined with high-end computer modeling, NASA scientists work with partner agencies, organizations, farmers, ranchers, fishers, and decision makers to share our understanding of the relationship between the Earth system and the environments that provide us food.

"NASA at Your Table" is a weeks-long focus on how NASA is working directly with local communities and decision makers to determine their needs and how they can best use Earth observation data. It is sharing the stories of people in the United States and abroad on how they use NASA data to help plan for and make it through growing seasons in the face of drought and water shortages and develop more sustainable farming and aquaculture practices.

In addition, it dives into the science that makes all this possible, showcases current and future satellite missions that collect this essential data and looks forward to the launch of the ninth Landsat mission, a joint mission with the U.S. Geological Survey. The Landsat program has an unparalleled record of nearly 50 years of continuous Earth observations and is one of the essential satellites delivering data for agriculture.

More information is available at the NASA website: NASA at Your Table.

collage of satellite data, photographs and line drawings showing the connections between satellite and food

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