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Russell Raymond
SERVIR Support Team

Designed as a forum for sharing best practices, affirming approaches, and renewing connections, in March 2021 colleagues from across the world participated in the sixth SERVIR Annual Global Exchange (SAGE).  The all-virtual SAGE 2021 was successful in energizing and empowering the network to advance its mission of using Earth Observation (EO) data to address critical development challenges.  

Over four days, nearly 350 participants took part in SAGE, tripling the number of attendees at a typical in-person SAGE. Attendees represented all the partners in the SERVIR network: USAID (Washington and country missions); NASA Headquarters and Science Coordination Office (SCO), Applied Sciences Team (AST) members; SERVIR’s five global Hubs; and the SERVIR Support Team. 

Each day featured live presentations linked to the values of persistence, teamwork, excellence, and friendship. Presenters reviewed accomplishments in 2020, examined lessons learned during the pandemic, and brainstormed strategies for increased coordination and impact. In addition, SERVIR regional hubs and Applied Sciences Team (AST) members provided video presentations with service demonstrations and activity updates, which were made available in a virtual exhibition hall. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, SAGE 2021 played a valuable role in uniting and inspiring the global team.  Notable outcomes from the global exchange included: increased investment in network collaboration and partnerships, new thinking on service planning strategies, and fresh insights on innovative EO applications.


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