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For the first time in the program’s history, the Capacity Building program area decided to host an intern. And not just one intern – eight! As they build their technical and professional skillsets with us this summer, we are excited to introduce them through a series of features created by the interns themselves.  

The entire 10-week internship is virtual because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. So they're working hard to become a cohesive group. Not only is everyone teleworking remotely, this virtual team spans four time zones across four states and a US territory – Washington, Montana, Maine, Virginia and Puerto Rico! 

Each of the team members bring unique experiences and skillsets. Their majors are broad: computer science, biology, mathematics, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering and strategic communications. However, they’ve successfully melded their knowledge and abilities into a unified team and are tackling some of the Capacity Building’s challenges together. 

Working collectively, they’ve taken on four major projects related to data analysis, website development, communications and strategy development. Within these projects they’re each leading tasks like automating metric compilation, revamping an online training calendar, creating new data visualizations and impact maps. They're also drafting a best practices document for conducting needs assessments, designing the program's inaugural newsletter and new print materials, creating a promotional video, and building an approach for the program’s next strategic plan. In short, they’re doing a lot! In addition to all that, they’re meeting with NASA employees and leadership, conducting and presenting leadership case studies, connecting with other NASA interns, and conducting interviews and writing white papers that identify new opportunities and ideas for the program to pursue.  

We will be featuring two interns each week for the next four weeks. We hope you enjoy learning a little about the team as much as we’re enjoying working with them! 

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