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The Capacity Building program is honored to host eight summer 2020 interns. The entire 10-week internship is virtual because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Each of the team members bring unique experiences and skillsets. As they build their technical and professional skillsets with us this summer, we are excited to introduce them through a series of features created by the interns themselves.  

Zac Marks and Hannah Wetzel lead the strategy development for the program, which is undertaking a landscape analysis of NASA strategies, identifying different approaches for building Capacity's strategic plan and creation of a best practices document for conducting needs assessments.

Zac Marks

Team Lead for Strategy Development

Zac Marks
Zac Marks, CBP Intern Strategy Development Coordination Lead; Credit: Zac Marks

What his friends have to say

"Zac can be characterized as very introverted and quiet; however, he is a smart guy."

"To Zac, working for NASA means doing meaningful service that has a real impact."

"A few of Zac's favorite activities include just hanging out with friends, hiking, and getting people together for fires and barbecues."

"Zac wants to be very successful which drives him in what he does. He is always moving forward and finding the answers to questions that interest him."

"Zac's favorite college experience is probably playing baseball with his team and being a part of road trips".

Hannah Wetzel

NASA Capacity Building Program Intern 

Working on formulating documentation and information that will help develop a strategy plan for the Capacity Building Program.

Hannah Wetzel
Caption: Hannah Wetzel, CBP Intern Strategy Development Coordination Lead; Credit: Hannah Wetzel


Hannah graduated from both high school and college with an Associates degree in Social Sciences through the four year Advance College Academy.

She is currently working as a NASA Capacity Building Program Intern.


Patrick Henry High School, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Class of 2024


For as long as I can remember, I had a very strong love for outer space, and I was always fascinated with what NASA has accomplished. It's been my dream to work for them and I've been continuing to work hard to hopefully make that dream come true.

Long-term Goals

My long term goals would be to graduate from Virginia Tech with a major in Aerospace Engineering. From there, I would look into job positions at NASA that fit what I want to do and also look at other opportunities from different companies to keep my options open.


Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Robotics

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