Summer 2020 DEVELOPers of the Term

Summer 2020 DEVELOPers of the Term

Congratulations to Katie Lange and Lauren Lad for being selected as the summer 2020 DEVELOPers of the term!

Katie quickly became a technical lead on the JPL Alaska Transportation and Infrastructure team. Without previous Python experience, Katie dove deep into processing workflows and reached out to project collaborators to rapidly improve her skill set across the 10-week term. Her drive to innovate, willingness to take on unfamiliar tasks, and collaborative spirit made her an exceptional DEVELOPer.

As the Project Lead for the CO Fishers Peak Ecological Forecasting team and a three term DEVELOPer, Lauren has been an inspiration to many during her time with the program. She has consistently brought organization, an eagerness to learn, and undeniable leadership to each of her project teams. Regardless of the challenge, Lauren learned new skills quickly and effectively guided her teammates every step of the way.

Congratulations again, to Katie and Lauren, on a fantastic term!

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