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Following extended high July temperatures and dry conditions along the coast of Montenegro and strong winds, wildfires spread across the Lustica peninsula. Several cities and towns were threatened by the fires including Podgorica (capital of Montenegro) Herceg Novi, and Tivat leading to evacuations of tourists and residents alike. Wildfires subsequently extended further along the Adriatic coastline, moving into neighboring Croatia.

NASA remote sensing systems on The International Space Station (ISS) respond to International Disaster Charter events on a “best-effort” basis, together with other orbital NASA assets. The ISS is unique among these assets in having a human crew that can acquire digital handheld camera imagery in response to IDC activations, through the Crew Earth Observations (CEO) Facility. The CEO operations team develops targeting information for the ISS crew and processes any acquired imagery for delivery to the United States Geological Survey Hazards Data Distribution Team.