Supporting Food Security with Science

From cornfields in Iowa to California’s Central Valley to African savannahs — Decision-makers around the world use NASA Earth data in innovative ways to better grow our food. 

For decades, the scientific community has focused on building water supplies and enhancing irrigation techniques. Now, we’re measuring plant health from space, creating early warning systems and enhancing the efficiency of water use.

But we can’t do it alone. We rely on a global network of partner institutions, civil society organizations and NASA’s Earth-observing satellites to find the best ways to reshape our food and agriculture systems.

Update on 3/11: A new call for proposals Earth Sciences Applications: Agriculture is open. The call is for program management capability that increases and enables sustained uses of Earth observations for the advancement of domestic agricultural practices in public and private organizations for economic and social benefits. Notices of Intent are requested by April 8 and proposals are due June 17, 2022.

Commodity Classic

For the first time, in 2022 NASA attended the Commodity Classic meeting, America's largest farmer-led and farmer-focused event. More about the event can be found at our News feature Commodity Classic 2022.