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This project will discover and demonstrate practical applications of NASA Earth science research and capabilities and accelerate the use of NASA earth science research results into the Envirocast. Vision? TouchTable (EVTT) Decision Support System (DSS) at the NWS and FEMA in the AWIPS II Evolution project. Evaluation of innovative NASA data products (e.g., from appropriate CloudSat, CALIPSO, AURA, NPP and other platforms) and merged NASA and NOAA products/visualizations, will enhance the EVTT DSS and promote collaboration between NWS and FEMA Region VI HQ in order to improve preparation for and response to natural disasters. Advanced briefing technology and a collaborative partner environment will lead to establishing a baseline for the use of NASA research results for evaluating the benefits of various NASA data products to each of the NWS and FEMA operations. The Envirocast. Integrated System Solution (ISS) will enhance the EVTT DSS and EnvirocastEval will benchmark and measure the value of NASA earth science research results to the partners on the project team. This project addresses NASA?s Disaster Management Program and links earth science observations to direct societal benefits in two major operational agencies. Team members will use the EVTT, a 46-inch multi-touch plasma screen that responds to hand gestures, to display a wide variety of NASA and NOAA merged data products such as those produced by the NASA SPoRT facility. This project evaluates: benefits of NASA earth science research results and how they will enhance NWS and FEMA operations from visualization, collaboration and decision making perspective as a prototype solution for NWS AWIPS II phase 3 requirements.