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October 13, 2016 - October 27, 2016

This three-part webinar series shares the training best practices used by NASA’s Applied Remote Sensing Training Program (ARSET). The skills taught in this webinar will enable participants to develop their own online or face-to-face remote sensing trainings for their organization or community of practice. This webinar series will provide best practices on how to: 

  • Build a remote sensing training program
  • Perform effective outreach for trainings
  • Put together and deliver quality presentations
  • Communicate effectively with both scientific and nonscientific audiences

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Understand the key steps needed to develop an online or onsite training

Learn how to conduct outreach and promote trainings

Learn how to develop and deliver effective presentations on remote sensing topics and applications


    Organizations or individuals with experience in remote sensing who wish to develop remote sensing training courses or programs. It is also intended for those with experience in remote sensing training who wish to learn more about training best practices.

    Session One: Overview

    How to develop a capacity building mission statement, create and perform end-user needs assessments, perform outreach, training promotion, and create a good presentation. 


    Session Two: Onsite Training

    Online versus onsite trainings and how to develop onsite trainings, including training levels (introductory to advanced), training structure, developing case studies and hands-on exercises, timelines, and program evaluation. 


    Session Three: Online Training

    How to develop online trainings, including training levels (introductory to advanced), designing online presentations, developing assignments and exercises, software, and timelines.