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Join us for NASA Earth Science Applications Week 2021

A week-long virtual celebration of THE many ways NASA Earth Science is being utilized to make our world a better place.

Organized by the NASA Earth Applied Sciences Program, Earth Science Applications Week highlights experts and end users from within and outside the agency, speaking about everything from space-borne to boots on the ground solutions to our planet's most pressing concerns. This year, we're celebrating 20 years of the Applied Sciences Program as we know it today!

Daily plenary sessions provide insight into NASA's Applied Sciences projects and people, followed by flash talk sessions and opportunities to network and engage.

Earth Applied Sciences Week invitation card

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Monday, August 9th

Plenary Sessions - 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT  [Day 1 Recording]


Opening Plenary [Slides]

  • 12:00PM Welcome & Logistics (Emcee: Katie Lange)
  • 12:05PM Opening Remarks (Lawrence Friedl)
  • 12:15PM NASA Earth Science Division Perspectives (Karen St Germain)
  • 12:20PM NASA Applied Sciences Introduction (Emily Sylak-Glassman)
  • 12:30PM Applied Sciences History (Teresa Purello & Monica Namo)
  • 12:35PM NASA Research &Analysis Coastal Applications (Laura Lorenzoni)
  • 12:45PM NASA Climate Applications (Gavin Schmidt)
  • 12:55PM Week Outlook & User Panel Introduction (Katie Lange)


Earth Observations User Panel

  • 1:00PM Moderator: Nicole Ramberg-Pihl
    • Milagros Becerra, Research Assistant, Amazon Conservation
    • Nikki Tulley, Hydrology PhD Candidate, University of Arizona
    • Tanner Yess, Co-Executive Director, Groundwork Ohio River Valley
  • 2:00PM Adjourn


Applications Community Social - 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

Join the Applied Sciences Team and broader applications community in a fun networking social!

Tuesday, August 10th

Plenary Sessions - 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT [Day 2 Recording]

  • 12:00PM Welcome & Logistics (Emcees: Erica Kriner & Rochelle Williams)
    Opening Remarks (Sandra Cauffman)


Strengthening Ecosystems [Slides]

  • 12:05PM NASA Ecological Forecasting Program Overview (Keith Gaddis)
  • 12:10PM Mongolia Project (Becky Chaplin Kramer)
  • 12:20PM Coral Reef Project (Megan Donahue)
  • 12:30PM Colorado Eco Forecasting Project (Alix Bakke)
  • 12:40PM Land Use Land Cover in Amazonia (Stephanie Spera)
  • 12:50PM Eco Forecasting End User Montage Video (Keith Gaddis)


Boosting Disaster Readiness [Slides]

  • 1:00PM NASA Disasters Program Overview (David Green)
  • 1:10PM Hail Storms (Kris Bedka)
  • 1:16PM Landslides (Robert Emberson)
  • 1:23PM Tsunamis (Brendan Crowell)
  • 1:29PM Oil Spills (Ellen Ramirez)
  • 1:35PM Critical Infrastructure (Charlie Huyck)
  • 1:41PM AmeriGEO Initiative Disasters (Ricardo Quiroga)
  • 1:47PM Disasters Mapping Portal (Jeremy Kirkendall)
  • 1:53PM Illinois Disasters Project (Kyle Pecsok)
  • 2:00PM Adjourn



Join us for the afternoon symposium! Two concurrent tracks will offer attendees an opportunity to learn from and engage directly with the Applied Sciences Team.

Track 1 - Innovation & Professional Development
[Track 1 Recording]

Emcee: Cecil Byles

Track 2 - Earth Observation Applications
[Track 2 Recording]

Emcee: Madeleine Gregory

2:15PM Career Panel

Panelists: Kristen O’Shea, Marc Coudert, Zachary Leslie, & David Hondula

2:15PM Flash Talks

Southern Bhutan Eco III (Thinley Wangden & Kezang Tshering)

Mapping Tree Crop Plantations in Ghana (Jacob Abramowitz)

Assateague Island Eco (Porter Abbey & Jay Mrazek)

Fire Dynamics Near Indigenous Territories and Protected Areas in a Brazilian Ag Frontier (Katie Walker)

Delaware Eco (McKenna Brahler & Jacob Frankel)

Bias Correction of Global Streamflow Product Using Machine Learning (Biplov Bhandari)

3:15PM Prizes & Challenges to Advance Innovation in Earth Science Applied Sciences

Presenters: Shobhana Gupta, Emily Gelbart, Trista Brophy, & Sativa Cruz

2:55PM NASA ARSET Overview

Presenter: Jonathan O’Brien

3:45PM NASA Capacity Building Program’s EO Summer Camp

Presenters: Ella Haugen, Monica Namo, & Hannah Wetzel

3:10PM NASA POWER Overview

Presenter: Paul Stackhouse, Bradley Macpherson, & Madison Broddle

4:00PM Modernizing Collaboration at DEVELOP with Version Control

Presenters: Britnay Beaudry, Erica Carcelen, Alexa Lopez, & Hayley Pippin 

3:45PM Flash Talks

Peru Health & AQ (Nelson Huffaker)

Fairfax County Urban Development (Caden O'Connell)

Cincinnati & Covington Urban Development II (Paxton LaJoie & Sophie Webster)

Wednesday, August 11th

Plenary Sessions - 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT [Day 3 Recording]

  • 12:00PM Welcome & Logistics (Emcees: Britnay Beaudry & Hayley Pippin)
    Opening Remarks (Nancy D. Searby)


Enhancing Water Management [Slides]

  • 12:05PM Leveraging Data & Tools to Develop New Capabilities (John Bolten)
  • 12:15PM Missions & Apps for Water Resources Management (Christine Lee)
  • 12:20PM Fostering Partnerships through Needs Assessments (Stephanie Granger)
  • 12:25PM Use of Modeling and Remote Sensing to Study the Water Cycle (Venkat Lakshmi)
  • 12:30PM Co-Production of Tools in Navajo Land (Amber McCullum)
  • 12:35PM Panel Discussion
  • 12:50PM Jobos Bay Water Resources Project (Milton Muñoz-Hincapié & Ethan McGee)


Ensuring Food Security [Slides]

  • 1:00PM NASA Agriculture Program History & Overview (Brad Doorn)
  • 1:10PM NASA Harvest Activities & Impacts (Inbal Becker-Reshef)
  • 1:20PM SAR for Derecho Damage Assessments in Iowa (Mehdi Hosseini)
  • 1:25PM NASA Harvest Africa Initiatives (Catherine Nakalembe)
  • 1:35PM Live Demo: NASA Harvest’s GLAM 2.0 (John Keniston)
  • 1:50PM Midwest Agriculture Project (Joel McClure)
  • 2:00PM Adjourn 



Join us for the afternoon symposium! Two concurrent tracks will offer attendees an opportunity to learn from and engage directly with the Applied Sciences Team.

Track 1 - Service Planning & Valuation
[Track 1 Recording]

Emcee: Brandy Nisbet-Wilcox

Track 2 - Earth Observation Applications
[Track 2 Recording]

Emcee: Alexa Lopez

2:15PM SERVIR Service Planning Toolkit

Presenters: Emily Adams, Laura Cooper, Jose Fernandez, Georgia Hartman, Ekapol Sirichaovanichkarn, Allison Nguyen, Amanda Weigel

2:15PM Flash Talks

Powder River Basin Water (Catherine Buczek & Karissa Courtney)

Southwest Water (Rebecca Bernat & Michael Corley)

Bhutan Water III (Yeshey Seldon)

Coastal California Water II (Rachel Darling, Alex Gunnerson, & Sophia Stonebrook)

Highland Lakes Water (Addison Pletcher)

Maya Forest Water (Tamara Rudic & Madelyn Savan)

Louisiana Water (Daniel Babin)

CEOS Google Colab Project (Ila White & Philip Casey)

3:15PM Measuring how Earth Observations Benefit Society with the VALUABLES Consortium

Presenters: Yusuke Kuwayama & Bethany Mabee

3:30PM NASA Capacity Building Program StoryMap

Presenters: Arlin Arpero, Teresa Purello, & Shilpa Kannan


3:45PM Flash Talks

Florida Transportation & Infrastructure (Michael Enz)

Tonle Sap Ag II (Justine Spore)

Argentina Ag (Ryan Lam & Tyler Pantle)

Estimating Forest Stand Height in Savannahket, Lao PDR Using InSARand Backscatter Methods with l-Band SAR Data (Helen Parache)

Thursday, August 12th

Plenary Sessions - 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT [Day 4 Recording]

  • 12:00PM Welcome & Logistics (Emcees: Ryan Hammock & Adriana Le Compte)
    Opening Remarks (Lawrence Friedl)


Promoting Health & Air Quality [Slides]

  • 12:05PM NASA Health & Air Quality Program Overview (John Haynes)
  • 12:10PM EO and Modelling Supporting Global Disease Surveillance (Assaf Anyamba)
  • 12:18PM Health & AQ Flash Talk (Julia Gohlke)
  • 12:26PM Yonkers Urban Development (Oded Holzinger & Jillian Walechka)
  • 12:34PM Thailand Air Quality Monitoring (Pawan Gupta)
  • 12:42PM HAQAST Overview & Video (Tracey Holloway)
  • 12:57PM Closing Remarks (John Haynes)


Closing Plenary [Slides]

  • 1:00PM Week in Review (Emily Sylak-Glassman)
  • 1:10PM SMD Remarks and Reflections (Thomas Zurbuchen)
  • 1:20PM Data Pathfinders (Cyndi Hall)
  • 1:30PM Space Apps Challenge (Sarah Hemmings)
  • 1:40PM Applications Guidebook (Erin Martin & Sterling Riber)
  • 1:50PM Applied Sciences Reflections (Lawrence Friedl)
  • 2:00PM Adjourn



Join the DEVELOP community of former and current participants, Center Leads, Fellows, Senior Fellows, Advisors, Partners, and Friends for a networking social!

To view last year's presentations, visit: