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Dalia Kirschbaum, chief of the Hydrological Sciences Lab at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and Center Coordinator for NASA’s Earth Applied Sciences Disasters program area, was recently interviewed by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his show “Create Together.” The YouTube Originals show, produced by Gordon-Levitt's Emmy-Award winning HITRECORD platform, invites people from all over the world to submit art, music, and short films to help create the show collaboratively. 

In the episode, Kirschbaum discusses how Earth’s climate is warming due to human activity, and that the impacts that we are seeing now include increased heatwaves, droughts and wildfires, and more intense extreme weather events.  Kirschbaum also explores how NASA satellites can help study Earth’s climate and prepare us for disasters, and suggests things that people can educate themselves about science and working at local levels to build resilient communities. The episode is part of the show's second-season theme of “nature” and also includes a short film about a First Nations Community in Canada rebuilding after a devastating wildfire. 

The episode is posted on the HITRECORD YouTube page:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dalia Kirschbaum on Create Together
Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (left) and NASA's Dalia Kirschbaum (right) chat climate and disasters on "Create Together". Credits: Create Together / HITRECORD

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